Rhiannon McGlone


Hey everyone! I come from Stewartstown, a small town in York, Pennsylvania, roughly ten minutes from the Maryland line. Growing up I played club softball and, in high school, took part in musical productions. I recently graduated with a B.S. in biology with a concentration in environmental-ecology and a minor in geography from Lock Haven University. My sophomore year of college I had the opportunity to travel to Cuyutlan, Colima, Mexico and work at La Tortugario for a week. I think, like most people, Finding Nemo’s Crush really began my love for sea turtles, so to be able to take part in husbandry of Olive Ridley’s and the release of young turtles was a dream come true. I also worked with alligators and iguanas at La Tortugario and have a great amount of experience with salamanders—which have been the focus of my undergraduate (and soon-to-be graduate) research. I have always had a passion for conservation and have been open to working with any animal species, but in my heart of hearts, I believe I’m sold on reptiles. My junior year I studied abroad in Glasgow, Scotland, eating haggis (it’s not that bad I promise!), listening to bagpipes, and traversing the highlands. I’ve been to a couple additional places outside of the United States but am itching to travel more. My dream job would be to work as a conservation biologist and still be able to see new places—whether it be with New Zealand’s tuatara populations or any sea turtle population. I can’t wait to get started at Sea Turtle, Inc!

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