Other ways to give

Giving can look different for everyone, it’s the impact that makes a difference. Employers may match donations or offer volunteer grant programs. Want to make a bigger impact? Consider gifting stock and mutual funds. Below are additional ways to support our organization.

Double the Donation

Why not make it a double? Some employers offer donation-matching programs. Use the search bar below to see if you can double your donation.

Volunteer Grant Programs

Volunteer grant programs play a crucial role in fostering a culture of corporate social responsibility and community engagement.

By contributing your time and skills to organizations like ours, these programs not only empower individuals but can enhance team cohesion and boost employee morale. 

The financial support provided through these grants directly aids us in carrying out our vital mission. See if your employer offers a volunteer grant program by using our Double the Donation search bar.

Donate Through our Wish List

Our Amazon Wish List contains vital items that help our facility and staff with day-to-day operations and programs, like teaching resources for our education department and equipment for our conservation team. 

Gift of Stock or Mutual Funds

You can make a bigger impact with the gift of stock or mutual funds. This is a great way to maximize your charitable giving while reaping tax savings. Learn more about the benefits of giving with the additional resources below. 

The benefits of stock and mutual fund donation.

Download the mutual fund form.

Download the stock fund form.


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