What is a cold stun?

Cold Stun events happen when the water gets too cold for sea turtles to maintain their body temperature. As a result, sea turtles are awake but unable to move or swim. If they aren’t rescued in time, they will drown from being unable to lift their head to draw breath

Once rescued from the water or shoreline, we bring cold-stunned patients back to our facility to slowly and safely increase their body temperature. When environmental conditions and water temperatures stabilize, we release the rescued patients back into the Gulf of Mexico. 



How you can help


The best way to help is to donate to our mission. Your donation helps us execute our emergency response action plan during cold stunning events on South Padre Island.



During a cold stun, we rely heavily on our community to help rescue and transport sea turtles back to our facility. We are looking for volunteers for foot patrols, car transport, and boat captains to assist with water search and rescue.


Amazon Wishlist

Our Amazon Wish List contains vital items that help our staff prepare and respond to environmental emergencies. 

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