Sea Turtle, Inc. offers school groups the exciting opportunity to explore the world of sea turtles through an interactive presentation and self-guided tour through our education center and rehabilitation facility.

What Does A Field Trip Involve?

General field trips begin with an interactive presentation based on your students’ age. Typical presentations last about 20 minutes. Presentations can be customized but typically include information about some or all of the following topics:

  • Rehabilitation
  • Anatomy/Adaptations
  • Species in the Gulf
  • Sea Turtle Nesting
  • Sea Turtle Life Cycle
  • Marine Debris
  • Prevention

After your 20 minute presentation, students have 1-1.5 hours to look at the displays and sea turtles in our education center and hospital. You may also use this time to check out our gift shop.

We offer presentations in both English & Spanish (please specify if you need a Spanish presentation).

When Can I Schedule a Field Trip?

Sea Turtle, Inc. typically books field trips on Tuesdays – Fridays at 10am, 11:30am, 1pm. These times can be flexible, depending on the time of year and how many other schools have booked for that date.

Be sure to make your appointment far enough in advance! March, April, and May are the busiest months for school groups at Sea Turtle, Inc. If you wait until after Spring Break to book your trip, you will have very little chance of getting your preferred spot

Frequently Asked Questions about Field Trips

How Much Does It Cost To Bring My Students?

The cost to bring a field trip to Sea Turtle, Inc. is $4 per student and $4 per teacher/aid.

Any accompanying parent chaperones that are not paid for by the school are subject to our general admission prices.

How many students can attend a field trip?

Our facility can handle a maximum of 200 students. If you have more than 200 students, we recommend splitting the group. Sea Turtle, Inc. will try to accommodate large groups by scheduling back-to-back tours when possible.

Does your facility have restrooms?

Yes! Our Education Center has public restrooms and water fountains. 

How Do I book a Field Trip?

Please call our booking department at 956-761-4511 ext 3.  Or send a request through our Contact Us page.

Can the students eat lunch at Sea Turtle, Inc.?

Sea Turtle, Inc does not have have a lunch facility or designated eating area. 

There are several public parks on South Padre Island where your students can picnic and run off some energy before or after their scheduled field trip. Please let us know if you would like us to recommend a few parks. 

Why aren't the students allowed to touch the sea turtles?

First, sea turtles are protected under the Endangered Species Act. You must have a federal permit to handle any endangered species.

Second, the sea turtles at Sea Turtle, Inc. are our patients. Imagine someone coming into a hospital and touching you! It is stressful for the animal and it can spread disease from turtle to turtle. 

Finally, our biggest concern is visitor safety. Sea turtles have very powerful jaws and are actually capable of biting off fingers! For everyone’s safety we ask that you keep your hands away from the sea turtles and water.

When is the best time of year to schedule a field trip?

Sea Turtle, Inc. is open year round but there are a few factors to keep in mind. Dec-Feb can be very cold and our facility is open-sided. If temperatures drop under 55*, we cannot un-tarp the outside tanks because they are heated. March – May is the most popular season for school field trips but remember dates fill up fast so call in advance. For the months of April and May, we suggest calling two months in advance!

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