Ashley Moreno


Hello! My name is Ashley Moreno, I was born and raised for the most part in the Valley (Brownsville, TX) so it gives me great pleasure to be able to represent the valley. I graduated from UTRGV with a B.S in Marine Biology in 2017. I have had some amazing opportunities to gain a lot of different experiences in the science field. From 2012-2017 I worked in a lab where I assisted many graduate students with their projects, an internship at the Glady’s Porter Zoo Aquarium in 2016, another internship with Texas Parks and Wildlife – Coastal Division in the summer of 2017, and my latest employment this past year with Texas A&M University as a Field Technician that had nothing to do with marine life but with the conservation of bats. Now, for this summer, I will be honored to be a part of Sea Turtle Inc. as an intern. I have been a cashier at Sea Turtle Inc. for a while now, and I am excited to be spending the whole summer with such passionate and amazing group of people.

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