Alicia Mackewicz


Hi readers, my name is Alicia! I am a small town girl from CT with a passion for helping animals and a love of the ocean. I grew up having many pets ranging from cats and dogs to cows and goats and even a chameleon and geckos. My love of animals and the marine environment led me to get my B.S. in Marine Biology from Florida Institute of Technology. During my four years of college, I did a variety of things. I did two field courses to Puerto Rico and the Galapagos Islands that were the most amazing trips I have ever had. I did a month-long summer program in Clearwater, Florida tagging and DNA sampling sharks and rays and an internship with The Florida Aquarium in animal husbandry. In my spare time, I volunteered doing manatee rescue, transport and necropsy with Florida FWC, helped out at a local cat shelter, and volunteered at the Brevard Zoo where I also did behavioral observations on a young Jaguar. My latest adventure was with the New England Aquarium (NEAq) learning rehabilitation of cold stunned sea turtles from Cape Cod Bay. Of the 400 plus turtles received this past season, the most common species was the Kemp’s ridley sea turtle, but NEAq also had a handful of green sea turtles, two leatherback sea turtles, and, toward the end of the season, loggerhead sea turtles. It was amazing to see how incredibly resilient sea turtles are and how much personality and individuality they have. After such an intense and exhilarating introduction to working with sea turtles, I am beyond excited to begin this internship at Sea Turtle Inc. to expand my knowledge of different aspects of sea turtle conservation and to help educate the public on the impact they can have. If you see me around, please feel free to come and talk to me! I’d love to hear your insights and stories or answer any of your questions!

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