Volunteer Position Descriptions

Allison Lifeguard

Allison Lifeguards have the very important job of monitoring our one-flippered sea turtle while she is wearing her prosthesis.

The position is mostly education based and volunteers are expected to answer questions about Allison and general questions about the facility.

Information Specialist

The information specialist will walk between the new education facility and the hospital to answer any questions that the public may have. They will also let visitors know when and where the next turtle talk presentation will take place. The key word for this position is “Engagement”. The information specialist will play a key role in ensuring that the visitors are having a positive experience here at Sea Turtle, Inc.

Patient Advocacy Team

Patient Advocates have the important duty of educating the public about the patients that reside in our outdoor rehabilitation tanks. Monitors serve three hour shifts and typically are assigned to 2-3 tanks per shift. In addition to education, monitors will assist staff members and interns in sea turtle enrichment sessions.

Crustacean Station

The turtles at Sea Turtle, Inc. get a mixture of squid, fish and shrimp everyday for breakfast. However, the way that our seafood comes in, is not the way that we can feed it to the turtles. Our volunteer team is in charge of prepping squid every day so that it is ready for the next morning.

Gift Shop Assistant

Gift Shop assistants will assist in the check-in process in our gift shop merchandise, primarily pricing and folding new product. Gift shop assistants will also help to assist in restocking and maintaining order in the gift shop. This position requires heavy public interaction.

Maintenance Assistant

Maintenance Assistants assist in special projects in the facility which include building, plumbing, painting and electric work. This is an “ as needed” position.

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