Volunteer Position Descriptions

Resident Advocates

 Our Resident Advocates educate the public on what it means to be a Resident here at Sea Turtle, Inc. The position is mostly education based and volunteers are expected to answer questions about our residents and general questions about the facility.

Hospital Ambassadors

This position was created to accommodate our volunteers whose schedule may not allow for them to volunteer for three hours at a time. These two-hour shifts are typically scheduled for 10-12PM, 12-2PM, and 2-4PM (3-5PM in the Summer Season). This position provides volunteers with the opportunity to interact with the public and educate them about our Hospital and our current patients.   

Information Specialist

The Information Specialist plays a crucial role in educating the public about rehabilitation efforts at our facility, the threats sea turtles face, and how the public can help with the conservation of these species. This is an interactive role that will allow our volunteers to engage our guests about sea turtle conservation.

Patient Advocacy Team

Our Patient Advocates are tasked with the responsibility of educating the public about the patients that currently reside in our hospital. You will have the opportunity to interact with the public and educate them about current issues sea turtles face and reasons why they strand. 


There are two greeter positions available. Our hospital Greeter greets guests as they enter our facility on the Hospital side. Our Education Greeter is located in the Education building. Both of these positions allow volunteers to help facilitate movement throughout the facility and inform guests about our daily public presentation schedule. 

Crustacean Station

This position is tasked with helping our rehabilitation staff prep food for our current sea turtle patients and residents. Our sea turtles are fed a mixture of seafood that need to be prepared prior to consumption. This position requires prior approval from our Director of Animal Care. 

Maintenance Assistant

This position is responsible for helping staff with maintenance projects throughout the facility. This could include cleaning, painting, trash removal, plumbing or electrical work and general facility upkeep. This position is scheduled for Mondays. 

Gift Shop Assistant 

Gift Shop assistants will assist in the check-in process in our gift shop merchandise, primarily pricing and folding new products. Gift shop assistants will also help to assist in restocking and maintaining order in the gift shop. This position is scheduled for Mondays and availability varies depending on need. 

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