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What is Outschool?

Outschool is a platform for live, online, small-group classes for kids ages 3-18. Outschool feeds your kid’s curiosity and elevates their learning with a variety of classes. Grow your learner’s confidence in and out of the classroom with live video classes that meet in small groups. 

Program Offerings:

We offer topics such as sea turtle rescue and rehabilitation, the life cycle of a sea turtle, and the impacts trash has on our natural environment. 

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What Parents Are Saying About Our Programs

My daughter loved the class. She said it was super fun. She apparently learned a lot because we are on south padre today picking up trash and she is telling me how each piece we find harms an animal and what it does to the oceans. We spent an hour this morning picking up trash!

Shanon S.

My daughter really enjoyed this class, and I appreciate the fact that they didn’t cancel it due to low numbers! She informed us on some interesting facts and is always our trash collector picking up litter when we are out and about. I know this has encouraged her even more. Real live turtles was a bonus.

Jennette L.

My daughter loved the class since we couldn’t visit the facility this year. It was informative and interactive. You would never know this was their first time doing this class. My daughter immediately went to find her Allison stuffed animal afterward and would definitely do it again!

Kris W.

More Information:

For questions regarding our virtual learning programs, please contact Khrystyne Jamerson.

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