Marvelous Mollusks

Program Length: 45 minutes

Program Cost: $120

Added: Join one of our educators here at Sea Turtle, Inc. as we dive into the world of Mollusks. Participants will have the opportunity to follow along with dissection and learn about the anatomy and adaptations of squid.

Program Objectives

Students will:

  • Identify traits of a mollusk
  • Gain an understanding of taxonomy and classification
  • Explore the unique squid characteristics and adaptations

Science Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills

  • 5th: 1B, 3C, 9A
  • 6th: 1B,3D
  • 7th: 1B,3D,11B,12A
  • 8th: 1B,3D,11C

Vocabulary: adaptation, classification, anatomy, taxonomy

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