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Stranded 12-07-2016

Released 05-15-2017


harbor carapace

Harbor, named for the infamous Pearl Harbor day, is a 30 pound Atlantic green. Harbor, like Nancy above, also stranded as a result of fishing line entanglement. He was pulled in by fishermen at the Isla Blanca jetties.

Harbor’s plastron had a heavy amount of barnacles, and he too has FP tumors. He was started on antibiotics, vitamin B, iron and fluids. His appetite is good and he is energetic!harbor plastron

Harbor has been moved to the FP quarantine tank with PJ, Jet, Toco, And Key.

January Update: Harbor has been losing some weight, so he has been moved to an FP tank with just Susan, where we will be closely monitoring  his appetite. He has finished all meds, but is being given iron. He will not be eligible for surgery until he recovers his strength.

January 18, Update: Harbor has been getting stronger and was able to undergo his first surgery. His huge lower body tumors (pictured right) near his rear flippers have been removed. His front body tumors will be removed in a subsequent surgery.

January 31, Update: Harbor is FP free, but still not putting on weight!

February 14, Update: Surgery wounds are healing. (Will update pictures when wounds are totally healed!) Harbor has been eating well, but he is dropping weight, beyond the weight of his tumors. We are  running further diagnostics, checking for infection. ( Note: Some larger tumors weigh 1 to 1.5 pounds.)

February 27, Update: Harbor has gained weight…1.1 lbs!!!!

March 22, Update: Harbor had a regrowth and had surgery on 3/8. He is still gaining weight.

April 20, Update: Has gained another 3 lbs since last update!!!! Does appear to have a regrowth on plastron that will need retreated soon.

May 5, Update: Harbor had 3 small tumors removed. Will re-evaluate in a couple of weeks to see if ready for release!!!!

May 15, Update:  Harbor was released!!!

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