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buddah 2-2-16Buddah

Stranded 8/5/2015



Buddah is a hatchling loggerhead sea turtle. He was found by one of our volunteers just north of Access 3. He is most likely a hatchling from a nest here in South Texas or northern Mexico. He is having trouble diving and he may possibly have vision problems. He is being kept in a small tank in our ICU. He is not currently on public display.

August Update: Buddah is starting to dive and seems to show no more problems with his vision. He may have been an underdeveloped hatchling that just needed time to catch up.  He continues to recover and develop in our ICU.

December Update: Buddah is swimming and eating well! He has moved out to a rehabilitation tank to grow stronger before being release in Summer 2016.

March Update: Buddah is growing stronger every day! He is becoming a crowd favorite. In picture to right he is approximately 5.5 inches and almost a pound! He is bigger than the lettuce now!!!

April Update:  Click here to see Buddha swimming in his own tank!!!

June Update:  Buddha is going home. We should be releasing Buddha in early July. This will not be a public release as we will be releasing her near the Mansfield Jetties.

Released 7/11/2016


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One of the three primary missions at Sea Turtle, Inc. is rehabilitation. We work hard to rescue and return every sea turtle back to the wild. Proceeds from this adoption will go directly to purchase needed medical supplies, veterinary exams, x-rays, food and general care for our rehab turtles.

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