our new hospital

It's time for a new sea turtle rescue & rehab facility

Through our expanded facility at South Padre Island, we can realize our vision to be a world leader in sea turtle recovery, education, and conservation of sea turtle populations worldwide.

Help Renovate Our Rehab Center

In recent years it has become apparent that Sea Turtle Inc has outgrown its capacity within the current hospital location. With less than 400 square feet of enclosed clinic space, the small building was converted to a makeshift hospital in 1999 and has provided the foundation to treat and conserve thousands of Sea Turtles in its small, modest space.

It is evident that now is the time to create a hospital location capable of living up to our legacy for Sea Turtle Inc. A hospital that can support the best in class rehabilitation and research center will be the next phase of Sea Turtle Inc.

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Sponsorship Opportunities Ranging From $15,000-$250,000

Sponsorship provides donors with :

  • Perfect opportunity to expand your corporate brand
  • Opportunity for a local business to partner in conservation support
  • Partnership for like-minded foundations to support conservation and rehabilitation efforts
  • Universities interested in advanced research and academic collaborations
  • Perfect allocation of corporate social responsibility funds


Why contribute to Sea Turtle, Inc.?

Your contributions to our Capital Campaign allow us to better serve our sea turtles and visitors. We strive to improve the conditions of our recovering and resident sea turtles and further contribute to the conservation of sea turtle populations worldwide. By increasing our visitor capacity, we will be able to increase educational programs which guide people to understand and want to help improve our marine environment. For any questions about our renovation or information about donations, please contact Contact Us Here.

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