Allison’s Incredible Life with Sea Turtle Inc.

It is with a heavy heart that Sea Turtle Inc. shares the loss of our longtime resident of 18 years, Allison, our one-flippered Atlantic green sea turtle.

Allison’s care and treatment were groundbreaking as she was one of the first sea turtles to have a prosthetic that allowed her to swim after losing 3 of her 4 flippers. Allison washed up on the beach of South Padre Island on June 16, 2005. She had been attacked by a predator and survived with only one flipper remaining. Concerned about her quality of life, Sea Turtle, Inc. staff, volunteers and interns began researching the possibility of creating a successful prosthesis to help Allison swim. This is one of the first successful sea turtle prosthetic devices in the world. 

We want to thank the public for the outpouring of years of love for Allison over the last 18 years. Allison will be deeply missed by staff, interns, volunteers, and everyone who has known of this loveable Atlantic green!

Watch the incredible story of Allison down below.

The Story of Allison the One-flippered Sea Turtle

Part II: The Science of Swimming

Part III: Lessons from Lifeguards

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