Mariana Devlin

Conservation Coordinator


I had the honor of being an intern for Sea Turtle, Inc. in the summers of 2009 and 2010 as I worked for my Bachelor’s degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Science from Texas A&M University in College Station. After my graduation, I worked in Costa Rica as a research field assistant in the Osa Peninsula where I fell in love with sea turtles even more. After Costa Rica, I lived in Corpus Christi for 2 years while I obtained my Master’s degree in Environmental Science from TAMUCC, and I spent another 2 years working as a 7th grade Life Science and 8th grade Biology teacher. I am so excited to join Sea Turtle, Inc.’s family once again, I can honestly say I have finally landed my dream job.

Favorite Sea Turtle Species

I love all sea turtles but I will always have a soft spot for the Kemp’s ridley and Olive ridley since I have been directly involved in their conservation efforts.

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