Dave Cromwell



Before retiring from television news in the 90’s, I decided to find an endangered species to champion in retirement. Three summers at Tortugero in Costa Rica made that choice easy – sea turtles. A couple of years volunteering at STI and then receiving the gift of a part-time gig doing beach patrols and educational turtle talks have been a perfect fit for this old dude.

I’ve been with “Allison” since day one and after a bunch of failed attempts, I was finally able to write the “mostly true” story of her early years at Sea Turtle Inc. It’s a pretty good story, and the proceeds from her book all go to sea turtles. I’ll be happy to sign your copy.

Favorite Sea Turtle Species

Obviously, the Green is my favorite turtle, because of Allison, but I do a have a very soft spot in my heart for Kemps hatchlings like the nearly 3100 I was privileged to release one beautiful sunrise with three other volunteers in July at Rancho Nuevo in 2005.

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