Adam Chance



I grew up in Colorado, but at the age of 6, my grandmother introduced me to the ocean near San Diego, CA. I fell in love with the ocean that day. I fed my love of the aquatic environment through the years by keeping aquariums of all shapes, sizes, and environments (fresh and saltwater).  That love and passion led me to pursue my degree in biology while working and volunteering at Denver’s world-class aquarium. There I learned large-scale aquarium husbandry while working with freshwater and marine species.

I had the amazing opportunity to study marine science at James Cook University in Queensland, Australia where I was introduced to my first sea turtle while taking a beach hike. This green sea turtle had become stranded in a mud flat during low tide. I stayed with her for the next 4 hours keeping her cool while the tide came back in.

Today I get to share my passion for aquarium husbandry and conservation with the staff and guests at Sea Turtle, Inc.

Favorite Sea Turtle Species

The Kemp’s ridley and loggerhead top the list… but how can you have just one favorite?

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