Resident Tank Campaign girl with allison

Save Our Residents Campaign

We Saved Our Residents But They Need Heaters

Our Residents’ Facility Needs Your Help.

As a result of the large winter storm that impacted Texas in February – compounded by the record-breaking cold stun event that followed – we have found that our facilities could not meet the needs of our residents or patients.

In addition to various functional issues (ex: lack of roof protection, generator connectivity options), the storm permanently damaged items like the heaters and chillers for our residents’ tanks, leaving them exposed to the elements.

Rigging and landing options that allowed us to safely and carefully remove our residents from their tanks in emergencies were also needed during this time of emergency.

It is essential that we get these areas in the best possible shape for our precious residents Allison, Fred, Gerry, Hang Ten, and Merry Christmas.

How Much Will the Repairs Cost?

Making repairs to our resident and education center requires immediate action, and moving to raise funds is critically important to creating sustainable living environments for our residents.

Each of the 8-10 damaged heaters and chillers will cost thousands of dollars each to replace. Our residents are safe in the Turtle Hospital for now, but they can’t stay there forever, so time is essential.

We need to improve our resident areas with such things as:

  • water heaters and chillers for the tanks.
  • rigging equipment for moving our residents.
  • roof protection to provide additional shelter from harsh elements.
  • generator for power outages.
  • generator connections specific to our needs.

These are just a few examples of the repairs and updates needed.

If you were willing to donate specifically to this campaign, our residents would be grateful.

Thank you with all of our hearts,
Allison, Fred, Hang Ten, Gerry, and Merry Christmas

Interviews With the Press

“It’s the largest cold stun in recorded history.” Wendy Knight on NBC News Now